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The Dracula Society


Graphics by

Berni Stevens


Insignia designed by

Ian Ainsley



Dave Hawley

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Society Merchandise


The Dracula Society has several items of merchandise available to its members.


His Red Eyes Again




Published in 2013 to mark the Dracula Society's 40th anniversary, this anthology of original vampire stores is available as an e-book download or as a hard copy from Amazon, or as hard copy directly from the Society at a reduced price to members.

Click here for full details.



Two Society T-Shirts are available



Society badge in red



Society badge in white



Society Tote Bag



Available with red badge only



Society 30th Anniversary DVD


We have a DVD available, charting the history of the Society.

This was produced to mark the Society's 30th birthday in 2003, and was premièred at our Convention in Rochester that year.

It includes unique interviews with the founders, a record of every surviving appearance of the Society or its members on TV, and a film record of our major trips and events.


As "extras" there are full versions of the TV clips used in the main documentary.


The approximate running time of the feature is 60 minutes, and of the extra material is 75 minutes.




PAL DVD-R Region Free



To enquire about any of the above items, please ask at any Society event, or e-mail the Society through the contact page.