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His Red Eyes Again


A collection of thirteen totally original vampire stories written by Dracula Society members (and one Society Award winning guest!)




Produced for the Society’s 40th Anniversary in 2013, and featuring:


Mrs. Benson by Chris Priestley

The Catcher by Berni Stevens

So Much Thicker than Water by Sue Gedge

Nobody Goes to the Castle by Katherine Haynes

The Coffin by Anna Taborska

Mister Bitey by Tony Lee

A Woman's Life is in Her Bag by Laura Miller

The Inner Spectrum by Barry McCann

More Fun than a Vampire Hunting Kit by Gail-Nina Anderson

The Book by Alan Brown

A Night to Remember by Jason Brawn

Sanguine Meets Sanguinary by Rosemary Laurey

Scruffy the Vampire Slayer by Tina Rath


Our guest writer Chris Priestley won our Children of the Night Award in 2009 for his Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth.


His Red Eyes Again is available as an e-book from Amazon.




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