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Actor Robert Lloyd Parry's first one-man show portraying the great ghost story writer M. R. James was A Pleasing Terror.

This was followed by Oh Whistle..., and subsequently by A Warning to the Curious and Count Magnus.


Robert won our Hamilton Deane Award in 2007 for Oh Whistle...


To find information about the DVDs available recreating some of Robert's performances, and for information about his future live performances, visit www.nunkie.co.uk.




Whitby Jet Jewellery (Simpson's of Whitby) make a variety of jewellery in Whitby Jet and Silver. They are, of course, based in Whitby - you can visit their shop - and they source their jet locally.


The Victorian Jet Works in Whitby is an 1897 jet works - a museum still a working craft shop.


Not exactly a shop, but this is a little treat worth mentioning here:

"Edward Gorey's Dracula Toy Theatre"!




Richard Wileman (Karda Estra) is a contemporary classical composer who spent two years working on a musical interpretation of Dracula. The result was the album Voivode Dracula.

The album consists of five tracks: Voivode Dracula, Lucy - Festina Lente, The Land Beyond The Forest, Mina, and Kisses For Us All. Information about this and other projects, and information on how to purchase the CD, is available at Richard's website.




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