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Travel Sites


A London Walk With Dracula


A Facebook page with research and images for those who want to visit the sites in London associated with the novel Dracula.

This page is published and maintained by early Society member Geoff Beresford.


Dractravel.com is a collaboration between Bram Stoker's Canadian great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker, and Dutch photographer and author Hans C. de Roos.

The project aims to help enthusiasts to discover the places where Bram Stoker lived and worked, and the real places which he used in Dracula, as well as the real equivalents of some of the fictional places that he created for the novel.

The Dracula Society is the London partner of this venture, and the intention is to publish a Dracula Bram Stoker Travel Guide.


The Romania Travel Centre are the people with whom we arranged our 30th anniversary trip to Romania back in 2003.


Tours and Events run annual trips to Transylvania from the USA.


The Transylvanians themselves welcome you to  www.transylvaniancastle.com.


Bran Castle now offer their own Vampire Camping!



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