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Society Trips


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A trip to Germany following the making of Nosferatu!


Sunday 26th May - Saturday 1st June 2019


A six night trip, with three nights in Hamburg and three nights in Berlin, visiting sites connected with the making of the classic silent film Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror, the first (unofficial) film version of Dracula, released in 1922.

This will include visits to the locations, the studios, and the graves of the film's director F. W. Murnau and its star Max Schreck.


Booking is now closed for this event


Click here to see the full details and itinerary




Past Trip Itineraries


These are archived to show the type of trips that the Dracula Society organises, both within the United Kingdom and abroad.


2018 - Stoker's Scotland (Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire)


2017 - The Golem and the White Lady (Czech Republic)


2016 - Diodati and the birth of Frankenstein (Geneva, Switzerland)


2015 - The Monasteries and Transylvania (and trains!) (Romania)


2014 - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's Dublin (Republic of Ireland)


2013 - The Back Sea Odyssey (Romania and Bulgaria)


2012 - M. R. James and Witchfinder General (Suffolk, England)


2011 - The "Blood Countess" and Nosferatu (Slovakia)


2010 - The Pendle Witches (Lancashire, England)


2009 - Lugoj (Lugos) and Transylvania (Romania)