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The Resident Poet's Page


Tina Rath


In 2014, the Dracula Society Committee created the honorary post of Society "Poet in Residence".


The second incumbent since 2017 is Tina Rath, who is based in London, and is a long-standing member of the Society.


She is a noted authority on Dracula, and vampires in general, and has her own website here.


Many of these works have been presented "live" by their author at Society meetings, and/or reproduced in our Society magazine Voices from the Vaults.


Please be aware that these works are the property of the author, and should not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.


To see the work of our first Poet in Residence Cardinal Cox, please click here.




All On a Midnight Moon


As he was out walking in Grammerie Park

All on a midnight moon

He met an old sweetheart, it was in the dark,

And the night will be over soon.

He spoke not a word, nor bad nor good

But he led her deep into Darkman’s Wood

He laid her down on the earth so chill

And there in the darkness he had his will

The withered leaves were their wedding bed

And the small cold rain was their coverled

But the clouds blew by and the moon shone clear

And he gazed on her face in doubt and fear.

 “Oh why do you look so weary-worn,”

 “That once was fresh as a midsummer morn?”

“It was after you left me I lost my bloom

By lying too long in a narrow room.”

 “And why are your lips so scarlet red,

When all the rose from your cheeks is fled?”

“All of my blood I gave for this

To mark the place of your long last kiss.”

 “And why are your eyes so foxie bright?

 “And why are your teeth so sharp and white?

 “Oh can it be you’ve turned vampire, too?”

All in a midnight moon.

“Why yes, my dearie, but so have you.”

And the night will be over soon.




Night Life


Werewolves like a public park

They can hunt there after dark

Down the paths on furry feet

On the trail of human meat.

Afterwards they like to play

When the moon shines bright as day

They find playgrounds loads of fun

Hardly wait for set of sun -

Up the ropes and down the slides

Giving one another rides,

Sharing all their favourite things

See-saws, roundabouts and swings.

Happy werewolves never fight,

Always patient and polite,

Still - it's best to keep away

When the happy werewolves play.


Vampires like to dance all night

Won't go home until it's light

But their ballrooms are discreet -

You won't see one from the street

Only glimpse a vampire belle

Flutter, like a moth from Hell

From her smoked-glass limousine -

Vampires can be epicene -

Toss a coin for Queen or Jack -

If you see one don't look back.

She may want to dance with you -

You might last a night or two

Playing games of cat and mouse

To a pretty tune by Strauss -

Better - far - to run away.

Live to dance another day.


Zombies favour shopping malls

They can hang with zombie pals

Underneath that neon light

Everybody looks a fright

Everybody's skin looks blue

Zombies can look just like you

And they like to club and rave -

It's so boring in the grave

When they're out they want to riot

Zombies don't like peace and quiet

Call them up and watch them race

From their fine and private place.




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