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Patricia Burton


In 2014, the Dracula Society Committee created the honorary post of Society "Poet in Residence".


The fourth and present incumbent is Patricia Burton, who lives in West Wickham in Kent, and has been a member of the Society since 1998.


These works have appeared in our Society magazine Voices from the Vaults, and many of them have also been presented "live" by their author at Society events.


Please be aware that these works are the property of the author, and should not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.


To read the work of our first Poet in Residence Cardinal Cox click here, our second Poet in Residence Tina Rath click here, and our third Poet in Residence Matt Thomsitt, click here.




Family Feast


I bid you welcome to my castle

Please do enter if you dare.

It’s somewhat creaky, and full of shadows

But has a garden that we all share.


My ancestors and I reside in here

It’s been a while since we had a living guest,

I’ll show you around before the dinner

You will surely be impressed.


 Thirteen chambers, all en-suite

Each one with own chamber pot.

Taps are bit rusty and often drip

But water is rarely hot.


The hall is touch draughty, I admit

And the chandelier looks frail.

Watch out for staircase missing its teeth,

And ignore that dreadful wail.


Tonight's feast is prepared by chef

An old friend of mine.

You may heard of him, he's the best

His name is Frankie Stein.


You must be famished, and here we are

In the big dining hall.

Please be seated, here on my right,

You will now meet us all.


The gentleman first to enter

Is my grandma’s Uncle Vlad.

He prefers his meat to be served al dente

And the drink of his choice is blood.


My grandma Cara, the famous beauty,

Though do not meet her gaze.

Without her glasses, she keeps forgetting,

She sets everything ablaze.


These are my cousins, Eve and Willy

And their daughter Sly.

She's aware - guests are not to be eaten

But she will surely try.


We are all here, all but one,

This food is looking fine.

So let's not delay, let's begin.

Um, that red is not wine!


My Auntie Betty is last to arrive,

She loves her baths too much

They keep her young, her skin so smooth

And so soft to touch.


What did you say?

You don't enjoy our company or food?

Well then friend, I did not expect

That you would be so rude!


You may not like us, it's OK

But we like you rather lot!

And so it happens, among our graves

We have an empty spot!



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